«We knock down walls, we build bridges»
This is our response when asked what we do.
MUST is a communication company founded in 1989 thanks to an idea by Riccardo Parigi.
Our fields of intervention are:  Communication strategies - Training – Environmental Communication - Coaching - Crisis Management - Negotiation – Relations with Stakeholders.
Staff Training is motivational and developed on the following themes: Company Organisation, Safety, Environment, Time Management, Stress Management and Team Building. We work to improve the synergy between companies and the local area, transforming relationship issues into an opportunity for constructive comparison.



Since 1989 we make companies communicate. Both within the company and with their stakeholders. We are chosen and we choose companies to promote their activities and relationships. Customer satisfaction is our priority; however, we never overlook any aspect regarding the context. We improve organisation, enhance skills and stimulate dialogue, but our quest is to go even further. We continually monitor the market to understand in which direction we should point our energies. The simple philosophy “clear agreements make good friends” makes for a loyal partnership.
Listen and create communication, this is our essence.



Often complying with the law is not enough to overcome the impact a company can have in the area where it is located. MUST provides its customers with the advice necessary to enable a communicative process between parties, mediating between production requirements, standards in force and public opinion. We believe in an environmental communication which is honest, truthful and concrete, which will contribute towards creating a culture based on Safety and Environment which shifts the subject from “me” to “us”. From singular to plural.



Over the years we have managed a series of company crises, including accidents at industrial plants, protests, permit cancellations and shareholder disputes. During all these events (which had a positive outcome), we worked with the maximum transparency and with respect for all parties involved. Avoidance of dangerous and damaging situations is only possible through far-sighted analysis and effective communication.

A thousand miles begins with one step.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Motivational Training is of primary importance for companies. Over the past years, the positive effects of heartfelt motivation on employees and the company itself has become clear. The method we use in the classroom is simple and innovative: people are listened to, involved and stimulated. Fun and irony are keywords. Whoever said that effective learning has to be boring? Knowing how to relate to your colleagues, customers and all company interlocutors multiplies the opportunity for company growth and dialogue with reference points. Being educated about organisation, team building, the environment and safety, means trained women and men within the company who run fewer risks and are more involved in their work. The exchange of ideas and opinions within the classroom also means acquiring knowledge that can be shared and used as a tool for dialogue with the local area.
We have trained and are currently training (also in English) staff from:
Aprile - spedizioni - Genova
Aprile Project - spedizioni - Genova
Artigo - pavimenti in gomma - Cairo Montenotte - SV
Axim (Italcementi Group) - fabbriche di Calusco d'Adda - BG e Siderno - RC
Baumatic - Domestic Appliances - Liberec - Czech Republic
Boero - colorificio - Genova/Rivalta Scrivia
Buzzi Unicem - cementerie - Italia
Fedrigoni Paper - Cartiere - Verona
Fedrigoni Self Adhesive - Pellicole adesive - Linfano (TN)
Hager Bocchiotti - canaline elettriche - Arenzano/Rivalta Scrivia
Iplom - raffineria - Busalla - GE
Italgen (Italcementi Group) - Centrali Idroelettriche Lombardia e Piemonte
Lanxess - prodotti chimici - Latina (LT)
Leonardo Informatica - software house - Busalla - GE
La Filippa - "Smaltimento Sostenibile" - Cairo Montenotte - SV
Maersk - compagnia di navigazione - Genova
PSA - terminal gateway - Genova
Saras - raffineria - Sarroch - CA
Sartec - servizi industriali - Assemini - CA
Solvay - sodiera - Rosignano Solvay - LI
Stopflood - sistemi antiallagamento - Cairo Montenotte - SV
Superba - depositi petrolchimici - Genova
In collaboration with Granchi & Partners: Ferrari - Scuderia Ferrari - Maranello MO
In collaboration with Sige: Virgin Active - palestre - Milano - MI, Schneider Electric - Cairo Montenotte - SV
In collaboration with AIAS: OI - Vetrerie - Origgio - VA, Abiogen Pharma - Pisa - PI


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For over thirty-five years, we have been collaborating with various sized industries working in varied production sectors. The work of MUST concentrates on clear and transparent communication. This has allowed us to activate articulated processes, new potential and innovations to be translated into effective communication. Our vocation for strategic consultancy and dialogue always aims at positively improving relationships. 
Among our customers we can list:







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